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Platform for the real-time analysis and visualization of such controversies in Wikipedia. Controversy metrics are extracted from the real time activity streams generated by edits to, and discussions about, individual articles and groups of related articles. An article’s revision history and its corresponding discussion pages constitute two parallel streams of user interactions that, taken together, fully describe the process of the collaborative creation of an article.

  • WikiWho (Fabian Flöck et al., GESIS)

Parses the complete set of all historical revisions (versions) of a Wikipedia article in order to find out who wrote and/or removed which exact text at what point in time. This means that given a specific revision of an article (e.g., the current one) WikiWho can determine for each word and special character which user first introduced that word and if and how it was deleted/reintroduced afterwards.

WhoCOLOR (alpha version) is a (.js) userscript for the Tamper-/Greasemonkey browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. When you open an (english) Wikipedia article it creates a color-markup on the text, showing the original authors of the content, an author list ordered by percentages of the article written and (soon) additional provenance information. It also has the ability to show dispute about certain words and the adding/deleting history of a given word (features only available as demo atm).

WhoVIS (alpha version) is a prototype of an editor-editor interaction network visualization for individual articles, based on the word/tokens deleted and reintroduced by editors. It's in an early stage and pretty slow when loading up.

  • Atlasify (Brent Hecht, University of Minnesota)

The Geography of Everything (beta version)