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  • Global Wikipedia Article Search searches across projects and shows missing interlanguage links. This site allows for searching all major Wikipedia sites for articles with the given name, which is useful for building links between these Wikipedias.


  • CatScan V3.0 ist ein Werkzeug zur Analyse von Seiten, die in bestimmte Kategorien eingeordnet sind.
  • Quick Intersection ist ein Werkzeug zur beschleunigten Analyse von Seiten, die in bestimmte Kategorien eingeordnet sind.


  • Contributors creates a list of contributors to a given article on a given project in wikitext.
  • Recent Changes Statistics displays a statistical overview of the recent changes of the selected Wikipedia. Display can be restricted to a specific user or page.
  • WikiBlame searches revisions of a page for a text string in either the HTML or wikitext. It then displays the revision dates where the string exists or does not by a green circle and red X.
  • WikiHistory ist ein Programm, das Versionsgeschichten lädt und Infos über diese anzeigt. Zusätzlich sind Suchen nach Vorkommen von Texten im Volltext aller Versionen möglich und eine rechenintensive Autoren-Zuordnung über den gesamten Text.
  • Wikipedia Page History Statistics builds an edit history overview page for the article with the given name.
  • X!'s Page History Page statistics and visualization, provides sortable and exportable list of all contributors with number of edits and amount of added text. Provides also results of syntax and grammar checks and latest assessment history.



  • Wikimedia Statistics shows detailed trends for each project. Tables and charts cover the entire history.
  • Wikipedia Statistics Statistics for all projects and all languages. Updated monthly.
  • WikiStats Statistiken zu allen Wikimedia Wikis
  • X!'s AdminStats shows statistics of admin actions, broken down into individual actions, arbitrary period selectable.

Edit counters

  • Global User Contributions searches for contributions of users on the Wikimedia wikis. Additional features like blocklog, sul-info or translation will follow in the future.
  • Listen to Wikipedia A visual and audio illustration of live editing activity on Wikipedia.
  • Quick, Dirty, Simple Edit Counter Quick user contribution analysis
  • Replay Edits shows the user how the edits in a page evolved visually. The current revision compare page has only one dimension, the line number.
  • User Analysis Tool works on editors with over 750,000 edits and replicates the months graph of Interiot's tool.
  • Wikiwash tracks Wikipedia edits in real time.
  • X!'s Edit Counter renewed with edit summary evaluation, SUL edit counts, timecard, latest global edits
  • xContribs gives an overview of a user's xWikiness, i.e., the spread of their contributions over the various projects.

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